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Make Your Own Reusable Swiffer/Pledge Duster Refill

Make Your Own Reusable Swiffer/Pledge Duster Refill

The simplest technique to construct your homemade reusable Swiffer towels is to use an old washcloth and press it into the four Swiffer holes to fasten it. That’s all. When washing microfiber washcloths or napkins, Pledge duster is released into the streams.

Do you remember that worn-out towel in your dresser drawer? It is now time to shine. You may use it to construct your own reusable Swiffer pad.

You will require:

  • Your trusty Swiffer mop
  • an old medium-sized towel
  • A tape measure
  • a pair of shears
  • Make 1110″ rectangles out of the old towel. That’s pretty much it. 
  • You may now use them by inserting the cloth into the four Swiffer holes to fasten it.

Make the pattern

After downloading the reusable Swiffer Pledge duster pads template, print it out on paper. Then, to prepare the design for usage, trim away any surplus paper. 

You will receive two pattern pieces, one smaller and one larger. You don’t have to be very accurate in this stage because Swiffer dusting cloths can be a little uneven in form.

Use an old towel and stitch the borders together (sew method)

Option 3 goes a step further than Option 2. Weaving open borders on your handmade Swiffer pads takes a little extra work, but it will keep them from getting damaged (particularly in the washing machine!). 

You’ll cut your old towel into 1210″ triangles this time. Measure 12 inch along the exposed sides and fold along the whole line. Sewing pins can be used to keep it folded. Then, using a forward and reverse supply stitch, sew the borders. Remove the excess fabric. Likewise on the remaining unopened sides. It’s all set to go.

Fold the entire distance of cloth in half to create a two-layer piece. Then, place the bigger design on top and cut on the bias. Cut around the pattern with a rotary cutter through both materials, using the pattern as a reference. 

If you’re not using a rotary cutting machine, take out your sewist chalk or a fabric highlighter and trace mostly around pattern’s edges. Finally cut through both layers something along the same lines.

The Best Reusable Swiffer Pads

This is by far my favourite model! If your Swiffer is severely worn, the pokey-holes for fastening wet cloths may not function properly. That’s why you might choose this type, which grips the mop securely.

You can simply produce your own Swiffer Pledge duster pad cleaning solution once you’ve manufactured your own reusable Swiffer pads! Don’t create it ahead of time. Make sure it’s correct before you use it.

Repeat the previous process with the smaller pattern piece to create the following set of two pieces. Cut the following two pieces after folding the design along the initial fold lines on both surfaces. Fold the design again along the following fold lines and cut the final two pieces.

Markings should be transferred.

You must now transfer the dotted markings to all pieces of cloth. Markers from the smaller pattern should be transferred to the smaller stack. 

Then repeat the process, transferring them from the larger pattern to the larger stack. Pin the wrong sides of both larger pieces together and stitch along the two outside lines. Remove the central stitching line..

Place the newly sewed piece on a flat surface. Insert one piece of set 2 on top of it, matching the marks. Place an object from set 3 on the middle of the pile, followed by the smallest piece from set 4 on top of most everything. Every component should be pinned in place. Continue to use the remaining fabric pieces on the other side of the duster.

Complete the reusable swiffer duster.

Slits must now be cut into each layer of cloth. Start trimming the fabric layers with your scissors. Create the slits parallel to the fabric, as near to the stitch as possible. 

The distance between these incisions should be approximately half an inch. Wash and dry your duster and then use that to make it fluffier and better at picking up dust. The duster will get more fluffy and full as you use and wash it often.

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