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What is Citizenship by Conferral in Australia?

Australian Citizenship Melbourne

The process of receiving citizenship through conferral is typical for Australian citizens. Before applying, you must be a permanent resident and fulfill specific requirements. Migrants, spouses or partners of an Australian citizen, qualified New Zealand citizens, and other specific categories of people can follow this method.

Benefits of Australian Citizenship in Melbourne

You are also entitled to some benefits since you are an Australian citizen.

One can:

  • Apply for a passport from Australia
  • You can enter and exit Australia as often as you choose, seek assistance from an Australian consulate if you need it while abroad, and participate in federal, state, or territory elections.
  • If you are 18 years old or older and do not hold dual citizenship, you may participate in a constitutional referendum or plebiscite to be elected to the legislature.
  • You must declare your citizenship in Australia when your children are born abroad.

Obligations and Benefits of Citizenship

You now have new obligations as an Australian citizen to:

  • Behave democratically following Australian principles.
  • Respects Australia’s freedoms and rights
  • Observe the law and abide by it
  • Vote in referendums, state and territory elections, and federal elections
  • Australian defense, if required
  • Participate in jury service if called

The Three Primary Paths to Australian Citizenship are as Follows:

As of birth: If both of your parents are Australian citizens or you and permanent residents were born in Australia.

By descent: If you are an overseas-born child of an Australian citizen, you will often be given Australian Citizenship in Melbourne.

By grant: You can apply to become an Australian citizen if you aren’t already one (by conferral).

Civilisation by Conference

For candidates who have lived in Australia legally for at least four years and are permanent residents.

EACH candidate for conferral of citizenship is required to:

  • Be a resident of Australia permanently.

Typically, the following addresses must be met to qualify for Australian Citizenship Melbourne via conferral:

  • Spending at least four years lawfully residing in Australia.
  • not have spent more than a combined total of one year outside of Australia in the previous four years, 
  • be likely to live in Australia, or retain a solid and lasting relationship with it

A good-standing citizen who is at least 18 years old.

A citizenship exam is not necessary if you are 60 or older.

Make a Permanent Residency Calculation

Your date of permanent residence is the day you entered Australia if you were given a permanent resident visa before traveling there. Your permanent residence date will be the day the visa was issued if you were awarded a permanent resident visa after arriving in Australia.


The application price is AUD 285 unless you qualify for a discount.

Do you qualify for citizenship in Australia? If so, schedule an appointment to find out how to apply.

Process of Application

Stage 1: The application’s submission.

The initial step is to submit your citizenship application and support paperwork to show that you meet the necessary criteria.

Stage 2: Citizenship Examination

After the DOHA has decided that you are qualified to receive citizenship, they will invite you to a meeting with a case officer. The citizenship exam will be administered at this visit. This includes inquiries about living in Australia, what it means to be an Australian citizen, and the privileges and obligations of that citizenship. 

Stage 3: Citizenship Ceremony 

After passing your citizenship exam, you must attend a citizenship ceremony, and the DOHA has accepted your application. Although waiting times vary between local councils, this typically happens three months after an application is accepted. To complete the citizenship process, you must accept the Australian Citizenship Melbourne Pledge during the citizenship ceremony. 


Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, municipalities throughout Australia have decided to postpone in-person citizenship ceremonies in favor of online ceremonies.


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