10 Best Cleantech Jobs Of The Future

Cleantech jobs

Since we’ve been the industry pioneer in sustainability recruiting for two decades, we have extensive expertise in placing people in renewable energy positions all around the world.

We have been putting bright people in cleantech employment for years, and throughout that time we have built up a sizable network of Cleantech jobs clients, businesses, and experts.

Describe Cleantech

​The word “cleantech” is used to refer to goods, methods, or services that minimize or maximize the use of natural resources in order to decrease or eliminate their negative impacts on the environment and its ecosystems.

Cleantech is at the forefront of sustainable technology advancement and is essential to reducing the effects of climate change.

What makes Cleantech so crucial?

Energy, water, and other natural resource limitations might be greatly eased by cleantech.
Additionally, Cleantech jobs offers developed and developing nations a way to solve urgent issues including pollution, resource shortages, deforestation, and greenhouse gas emissions.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals cannot be achieved without cleantech, which is also a must for the economy if we are to stop relying on fossil fuels.

10 Best Cleantech Jobs Of The Future

With a large number of businesses and FDI inflows, India has developed into a very lucrative market for the Cleantech sector.

Included are the following elements of clean technology:

  • Energy storage and renewable energy
  • Materials that respect the environment
  • The effectiveness of resources and energy
  • Agriculture’s long-term viability
  • The use of ecologically friendly transportation
  • Water, air, and land quality
  • Recycling and waste

India’s Top 10 Cleantech jobs for 2023

1. Husk Power Systems, Inc.

Rice husks are transformed into fuel by a biomass gasifier, which then produces power using a low-cost technique created by Husk Power Systems in Bihar, India. Rice husks, a leftover from the manufacture of rice, are converted into fuel by a biomass gasifier used by the firm to create energy.

2. Energy

Solar rooftop power plants, solar irrigation pumps, and other solar energy generating systems are among the products and services that ONergy provides for design, engineering, and manufacture. It wants to lower the cost of electricity for clients by offering these services. OPEC and bank finance also lower the cost of solar power.

3. Karma Recycling

One of the biggest trade-in operators and distributors of mobile devices in India is Karma Recycling, which has its headquarters in Delhi. It is therefore a consumer, business, and services solution for running massive buyback and trade-in operations.

It boasts the second-largest mobile device market in the world and is fast becoming into a key location for global e-commerce and recycling.

4. A K Surya Magic Power

The Coimbatore-based company Surya Power Magic offers trustworthy and durable solar irrigation systems to the country’s farmers. For Indian farmers and the general population, power has long been a concern. Farmers in locations without access to electricity can buy solar water pumps from the business.

5. Green India Building Services (GIBSS)

This Cleantech jobs startup company focuses on cooling geothermal air conditioning technology and has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Singapore. Along with other breakthroughs, it provides LED lighting systems that are extremely efficient and hot water cogeneration.

6. The sixth company is Greenway Grameen Infrastructure Private Limited Ltd

Greenway Infra Pvt. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. creates, produces, and distributes reasonably priced and energy-efficient smoke-reducers, giving rural Indians access to home energy appliances. Paytm is the platform used by the business to sell its goods.

7. GreenObin

GreeObin offers a variety of services, including trash audits, training courses, recycling bins, environmental fairs, and recycled paper goods.

A green technology business called GreenObin provides self-service recycling and garbage management. Its goal is to become the best scrap collection service while being successful, ecologically responsible, and well-run.

8. Gram Power

From remote Microgrids to one of the biggest novel meter installations in the nation, Gram Power has raised the standard for innovative technology. The startup’s Smart Grid innovations target electrification, a critical issue in developing nations.


India has a booming industry for rooftop solar energy. In comparison to any other year in its history, the nation increased its solar capacity last year. By 2022, the Indian government intends to install 100 GW of solar energy, costing $100 billion, with roofs making up 40% of that total.

10. Log 9

The business uses nanotechnology to develop innovative sustainable energy and filtration solutions. Bangalore, India serves as the company’s corporate headquarters. This graphene-focused business was selected the “Most Innovative Technology Company of 2018” by the Department of Science and Technology of the Indian government.


India is making major investments and efforts in the Cleantech jobs sector. Additionally, laws are being passed by the government to make it simpler for companies to purchase renewable energy from the state.

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