The Complete Guide to Changing Your Mail Address

The Complete Guide to Changing Your Mail Address


A change in your mailing address always seems more difficult than it is. And while though changing your address is normally a fairly easy and quick process, many people experience extra stress, headaches, and inconvenience just because they put off the task for so long.

You can alter your mailing address with USPS.

The first thing you should be aware of is that to change your postal address everywhere, and you will need to contact USPS.

Later on, we’ll go through how to update your driver’s license address and modify your billing and banking information (two crucial parts of the jigsaw). 

Still, everything and we mean starts with changing your USPS address first. Let’s go over everything step by step.

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Permanent Change or Transient Change?

When you go to alter your Mail forwarding service in NYC, the first thing you will ask is whether you want to make the change permanent or just temporary. 

Depending on your circumstances, USPS allows you to temporarily alter your address for various time frames, ranging from a few weeks to 12 months.

But it won’t ever be an issue with a permanent address change. It is up to you to decide which path is the best for you. Just be aware that this will be the first question the USPS staff will ask you.

For a Quick Change, stop by the post office.

The fastest way to update your address with USPS is to physically go to the post office, even though many things can be done online quickly. 

Most people search for faster answers online today, expecting to find them, and are happy to discover that they can save time.

You can avoid a lot of the wait that online paperwork causes by stopping by your neighborhood post office and asking for a change. 

You should expect your new address to update faster if you go straight to the source and have a USPS official update your address information in the official database.

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Online address changes are quick and easy.

You are welcome to complete this process online if you choose.

The questions you answer will be the same as they would have been if you had submitted your application online, regardless of whether the change is temporary or permanent.

It simply takes a few minutes to complete the process from beginning to end. Overall, if you update your address online rather than in person, expect the process to take roughly two weeks instead of seven to ten days.

Think of a PO Box

It would not be a bad idea to obtain a PO Box based on your unique needs and how much and where you are relocating. 

With a PO Box, you can stop constantly changing your mailing address because you can keep using the same PO Box number as long as you live nearby.

As long as you don’t mind driving to the post office to pick up your mail or parcels, you can move from apartment to apartment, different residences around the town or community, and you’ll never have to bother about changing your postal address often.


Your chosen Mail forwarding service NYC provider will manage your mail on your behalf, including sensitive information, essential items, and confidential papers. Therefore, hiring a reputable shipping firm cannot be overstated.

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